Due To Increased Demand From Our Customers, Awnings New Hampshire Now Carries Top Of The Line Aluminum Awnings And Canopies. All Custom Made Canopies Have A Rugged Framework And Are Available In Several Great Colors. It’s Going To Be A Great Summer! Relax And Enjoy The Shade!.

If what you need is protection from the elements, the perfect choice is the Aluminum line of products from Awnings NH. Their top quality canopies and aluminum awnings are built to last and the Aluminum framework boasts a beautiful mill finish. Their door canopies are engineered to protect your home’s entryway from rain and snow. The heavy duty support arms are standard, but you have a choice of optional sidewings that are available which can fully enclose the canopy. There are several models of Aluminum window awnings available, and they fit most every window style. All aluminum products are double-coated with enamel and then baked-on, which results in a strong finish that endures through the years, and is virtually maintenance free!. The available colors come in either a solid or striped pattern.

aluminum awnings on a beautiful house

wide green metal awning over a doorway

Traditional Door Canopy w/ sidewings

aluminum window awning provides shade

Traditional Window Canopy w/ Sidewings

2 tone metal awning over window

Casement Window Canopy w/ Sidewings


Aluminum door canopies can add style, color, and elegance to your home while protecting your entryway from pouring rain or a blazing sun. You can Match with our Window Awnings selection and create a coordinated look for your residence.

    • The front of this canopy has a built in gutter
    • The framework is heavy extruded mill finish, and The center mullions are reinforced on all sizes
    • The finish is double coated and baked on, for a lasting performance and will never rust
    • These aunits boast the most popular colors in today’s market and are available in custom sizes
    • The Series 1100 includes white support arms, and has adjustable mounting brackets
    • The Series 1500 has vented sidewings which can fully enclose the canopy while also allowing wind to escape


Traditional look Aluminum window awnings can beautify your home’s exterior while keeping the interior cool and preventing the fading of your inside furnishings.

  • Window awnings reduce heat gain coming through the windows and saves energy
  • Protects interior furnishings from damaging UV rays of the sun
  • The two-coated, baked-on finish is engineered for lasting performance and will never rust
  • Each canopy is made from scratch, featuring custom made widths in a variety of great colors
  • The horizontal design of each canopy blends well with the exterior lines of your home
  • Each installation is permanent, so there is no time or expense lost in putting up and taking down the canopy
  • Our Series 3100 line features white support arms
  • Our Series 3500 features vented sidewings


Aluminum casement window awnings have the same benefits and features of traditional aluminum awnings, but have been customized to fit casement style windows on your home (windows which swing outward).

  • This model is meant for use on crank out windows
  • Our canopies help offset energy bills in the summer
  • The horizontal configuration compliments the exterior of your home
  • Protects windows and furnishings from UV rays which fade and dry out everything
  • This model is available in all custom sizes and has a nice selection of finish colors
  • There will be no need to touch these canopies again. This is a permanent installation
  • The baked-on finish that is double coated ensures years of great service, and these beauties can never rust
  • Series 4100 includes our white support arms
  • Our Series 4500 includes the vented sidewings

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Our employees are factory-trained and are fully insured Let us be your one stop shopping for all your shading needs!