Rod Ladman’s Rubric for Awning Care

Some companies sell accessory products to home owners encouraging them to clean their awnings periodically. This is a bad idea and not necessary. Our awning fabric, though commonly referred to as canvas, is not canvas, but Solution-Dyed Acrylic.
It is topically treated with a chemical solution to enhance it’s mildew resistance and water repellent. This treatment washes off with detergent.


Our recommendations for care and cleaning are very simple
Always retract your awning in heavy wind
You can invest in a hood, and cover with a awning boot for added off season protection.
It is perfectly OK and wonderful to sit under the awing when it is raining and to retract it when it is wet, but it is imperative that you roll it out to dry when the rain ends.


Occasionally hose off detritus, pine needles, leaves, and dirt.
If you have further questions or concerns please call us.(603) 455-6094

The location of your home is directly related to how often you should clean your awning. The rule of thumb is that if your home is located inland, it is recommended that you clean your awning twice a year, but if you live on or near the ocean, you should really clean your awnings once a month. This is because of the awnings’ exposure to ocean salt laden air. Sunesta awnings are manufactured so that maintenance is easy. You can simply wash off any dirt and loose debris on the awning with a garden hose (do not use a power washer, as these are too powerful, and could damage the awning). For other types of more resistant residue, and things like bird droppings, use a soft-bristled brush dipped in warm water directly on the spot , and then rinse with the garden hose.

These simple maintenance recommendations will keep your awning looking great and functioning perfectly even longer, so put this on your monthly to-do list and your retractable awning will stay in tip-top condition for years to come!
The great thing about these Sunesta acrylic fabric products, is that during their manufacture, the  fabric colors are dyed right into the fibers, so they will never fade or run. This is why these awnings still look fresh and vibrant even after years of  sun and rain exposure.  This inherently high quality, durable, and long lasting fabric comes with a 10 year warranty, proving Sunesta’s commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction

If you have further questions or concerns please call us.(603) 455-6094

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