Sunesta Sunlight Retractable Awning installed by the team at  Awnings NH.  We at Awnings NH are proud of our veterans and were thrilled to create a patriotic theme on this recently remodeled home.  It was a tight fit between the soffit above and a swing out door below.  We love a challenge here at Awnings NH, and again we nailed it.  Another perfect install. When others say it can’t be done, call us. We will find a way!.

Awning and solar panels

Happy Veteran enjoys the shade under his new awning

Red White And Blue

Patriotic Sunesta Sunlight Retractable Awning


Just in time for BBQ season.
Order now if you want to be covered, as our schedule fills up fast.

Red White And Blue all the way

Recently Remodeled home with a new Sunesta Awning.



Made in America, Sunesta Awnings

Made in America And Standing Proud Sunesta awnings rock !!

Check out a 23 foot two arm Sunesta awning ceiling mounted under soffit click link. Sunesta Awning Installation Salem NH