When Discriminating Boscawen, NH Homeowners need a Sunesta awning installation completed, they turn to the experts at Awnings NH

Decks and patios are often  gathering places for family and friends,, unless, of course, the sun starts scorching the wood on a  hot day or a light rain forces everyone to go back inside the house inside. Not fun

You can  get  much more use from a deck or patio with a retractable awning installation, and with the touch of a button, the awning expands out over the entire area cooling everything by up to 20 degrees. your outdoor gathering can continue in complete comfort now

There are  basically 2  options for Boscawen, NH homeowners who want a deck or patio awning- manual or automatic. Manual awnings of course,  must be hand-cranked open or closed. while motorized or electric awnings use a motor to do the work, but you will be paying more for the convenience

Some things to keep in mind when homeowners are considering having retractable awnings installed,  the awning can be mounted on an outside wall of the home, on the overhang beneath the soffit, or sometimes on the roof itself. You can plan on needing at least six inches of unobstructed space to mount the awning, and since most retractable awnings angle  must be pitched downward, they should be mounted at 7 1/2 feet high at the minimum

Boscawen NH awning installation

Rugged and beautiful, Sunesta Awnings also increase a home’s value

when an  obstruction like a light fixture interferes with where the awning would be mounted, (or just don’t have the needed height) , you can mount the awning on the roof by using special brackets,

With most retractable awnings,  the motor is situated in the tube that winds up the awning fabric when it is retracted. The support arms that hold the awning up and out when it is extended will fold in on themselves in and fit  neatly under the tube when the awning is closed.

At Awnings New Hampshire, our product line are Sunesta retractable awnings and we are proud to be the exclusive dealer for Sunesta in the state of New Hampshire. We chose to represent Sunesta because: