Sunesta awning mounted to brick in lyndeborough nhBrick House on Forest Rd in Lyndeborough NH

We met a fellow at a home show in Nashua, who said he was need of an awning, but was told it could not be done — could we mount one on brick??
Ayup, we can …He took a card and said he would get back to us.

Some months later, we got the call.
Wow! What a neat house, energy efficient and self sustaining with an array of solar panels and a wind turbine.

He and his wife quickly settled on the color and style, a nice green to match the roof with a pretty thin white stripe. Sunesta would be the answer with it’s thirteen foot long arms that could reach out beyond the railing so water would run off into the yard instead of on the deck when it rained.

We attached the awning to the brick wall high up under the soffit, a great way to save money by eliminating the need for a hood to protect the canvas roll from weather. The addition of a wind sensor ensured that the awning would retract by itself in heavy wind so as not to have to babysit it.

This new addition to their home added many new dimensions to their outdoor enjoyment. No more standing in the rain to tend the barbecue.  Wall to wall protection from the suns harmful UV rays for mom and the kids.  And “Hey, I’m on a business call -can you two take the dog outside and do that”. It’s like having a whole new family room in the back yard.

With the Sunesta lifetime warranty on the frame, and Somfy motors that just don’t wear out.  They have the ideal combination of quality and longevity. With proper care, their new awning should last until they are old and gray.

Please take a moment to enjoy this video of a fine awning install in Lyndenborough NH.

I shared “Rod Ladman’s Rubric for Awning care” with them.
We oohed and aahed under the new awning, shook hands and left them smiling.

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