job site preparation for a Sunesta Shadespot installation in Westford, Mssachusetts

Sunesta Shade Spot awning    5 Carlisle Rd, Westford, Ma 01886

When the Sail Shade page on our website went live, we were inundated with calls from the very first week.Calls came from all over the U.S. including Arizona, Oklahoma and New England. We became the premiere Sail Shade source in the area overnight, and we had only done one project!

One of the first calls came from a Construction Company – J.Calnan & Associates in Quincy Massachusetts.

They were doing a large renovation at the Cynosure facility in Westford,MA, which included an outdoor patio adjacent to the company dining room.Their query was for Sail Shades. We do not typically venture below the New Hampshire border for Awning Projects, but this was possibly another opportunity to spread our Shade Sail wings.

As we met at the site, it was obvious that Sail Shades would be an unlikely solution to their needs for sheltered outdoor seating, in part because of the difficulties in attaching to the buildings, engineering, fabricating,
and also because of the construction costs and the time necessary to accomplish these tasks.

I suggested the the Shadespot by Sunesta,which is perfect for outdoor restaurants, cafes, and break areas. The Shadespot has the advantages of being easily retracted, and since it is freestanding, it doesn’t have to be attached to a building. In addition, it can cover up to 600 square feet anywhere.. .. And the real bonus – we would be The completed installation of 2 Sunesta Shadespot freestanding awnings which not provide cool shade for allable to deliver and complete the project within the time required.

This was quite a team effort with our staff, the construction firm, designers, the landscapers and the Cynosure staff. A special color flame retardant acrylic was found to match their Company Logo. We installed two Shadespots – one 21 feet X 23 feet, and one 14 feet X 23 feet, both motorized with sensors for automatic retraction in heavy wind. If you want to close them at night..push a button, Put them away for the winter…push a button, celebrate a picnic in the shade…push a button.

The end result…spectacular






We now cover Southern and Coastal Maine in our service area. Here is a very successful commercial job we did in Kittery, Maine