Custom-Made Awnings for Decks and Patios in Candia, NH

Retractable Awnings are the #1 accessory for outdoor living spaces like decks, patios and other sunny areas that need shade. If you live in or around Candia NH, you should turn to Awnings New Hampshire for all of your awning needs. We proudly sell and install Sunesta® awnings, a retractable awning leader among awning manufacturers. We are the only authorized dealer in the state of NH

Sunesta awning covers dining area on this unique and comfortable multi level deck

You’ll be ready to entertain in any weather!

Sunesta® retractable awnings are the perfect option for Candia, NH homeowners because their durability and versatility is second to none. They boast powder-coated aluminum frames and 100% solution-dyed acrylic fabric which is formulated to withstand the elements. They also require very little maintenance and upkeep. Additionally, the retractable design lets you enjoy the shade when you want it, and retract the awning back in when you no longer need it.

Sunesta® retractable awnings are available in more than 150 fabric colors and pattern options, and when you include our Sunbrella® fabric catalog, the color choice is very impressive.

Homeowners can choose any of these three attractive styles:

The Sunesta®- the flagship product of the company – a high quality awning with a lot of options and accessories
The Sunstyle- available in any size with a great selection of fabric and frame colors
The Sunlight- The choice for homeowners on a lower budget, but with the same great options as the higher end models

Sunesta® Awnings are always custom-made from scratch to fit the exact dimensions of your home. At Awnings NH, we take care of the exact measurements and do the installation so you will be able to just sit back, relax, and enjoy the glorious new shade on your deck or patio.

Contact Awnings NH today, and you can start exploring the great awnings we offer for patios, porches, decks, pool areas or any other outdoor spaces at your Candia NH home.