While the large majority of our awnings installations work involves residential homes, we enjoy doing commercial awning jobs involving storefronts and businesses!

Artistic Roots in Plymouth New Hampshire has a New Look!

Commercial Awning, Motorized, Plymouth NHSunlight Awning in Plymouth motorized wind sensor

Awnings New Hampshire was fantastic to work with. The owner, Rod Ladman, realizing Artistic Roots was a non-profit, worked with us to get an awning that met our needs and was affordable for us. They donated both supplies and work. We appreciated their help so much! They were so prompt in getting the awning in and installed. Truly an amazing company.

Commercial Awnings enhance the authentic appeal of the Main Street Station Diner in Plymouth


Frachers diner plymouth business awning

Commercial building owners and operators are no stranger to the aesthetic appeal and  sheltering advantages of commercial awnings;  however, the energy efficient potential is increasing interest as well. In fact, fabric awnings for businesses are not only used for shade and cover, but for promotional purposes too. According to the Professional-Awning Manufacturers Association or PAMA, “In today’s world of commercial awnings, the demand for ameliorated green building practices is pushing organizations to an even better fondness of awnings.”


Commercial awnings are practical and uniquely beneficial as well. Here’s how:


red and white commercial awning over a print businessIf you are concerned that awnings will make your business appear old-fashioned, unappealing, and more like a spectacle, you can put your fears behind you. With the variety of colors and styles of commercial awnings offered today, you can easily find something to suit your business’s image and curb appeal.

Commercial awnings add that certain “it” factor to a business that draws attention and makes people take a second look. Moreover, an awning can vamp up your business front enticing passersby on a hot summer day to view your window display as they stand in the shade. It’s a win-win situation!

Energy Savings

 A recent university study for the Center for Sustainable-Building Research discovered that regardless of climate, awnings are a fantastic means of cutting energy-cooling costs. This is because window awnings are great sun blockers; that decrease electricity expenses, especially during peak-hours when costs can be exceptionally high.

Of course, this is wonderful for customers who want to stay cool and comfortable in the shade while at the same time reducing your electricity costs and benefiting the environment. Research shows that awnings give a business roughly 11% improved performance during the summer months by controlling sunlight.

“We love our store awning! Rod and his crew got it up in less than 2 weeks. They come back regularly to see how I am doing and if it needs anything. The shade makes it so much more comfortable in the summer. It is nice to have cover from the rain and it is very easy to remove the snow from. I love the Village look on what was once just a plain building. Couldn’t be happier”

Deb Brown, Lakeside Mailing Service, Meredith, NH


Today’s awnings are nothing short of artistic masterpieces. Various shapes, colors, patterns, and trimmings, makeItalian pastry shop commercial awning awnings something to be admired. Therefore, many businesses also use awning as promotional tools.

With advanced technology, high-quality illustrations varying from adhesive vinyl applied to canvas to digitally enhanced graphics printed right on to the vinyl awning material itself, makes just about any type of promotional message or image possible.

There’s a technique to suit every type of commercial awning. Whether you are modifying the fabric color to match your current logo, or you are using your awning as a unique business trademark, your awning can be an extension of your business image and branding.


. Ameliorates the strNAPA auto parts store with a green business awninguctural design of your business

. Adds interest to your business/storefront creating an enhanced aesthetic appeal

. Boosts street visibility

. Increases general sales – boosting your business’s revenue

. Decreases energy costs

TIP: When selecting your commercial awning, keep in mind the distinctive curb appeal valances can add to your business.

candy striped awning over a commercial business in north conway

Added curb appeal with a new Motorized sunlight awning

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