Magnatrack screens are the world’s best performing  exterior motorized  screen systems. Ideal for for wide span openings. What it does, is  enclose the outdoor area, by giving you a larger floor space for your home,  and extends your living area. They are based in Sarasota, Fl.

Different combinations of our  product line  can be  configured to achieve different results. For instance, if you are looking for more weather protection, you could choose our excellent vinyl screen product. It gives you clear visibility, and  weather and wind protection. Magnatrack also has very effective insect meshes to keep insects and mosquitoes out!

One of our greatest products is called “Defender”, It is especially designed for hurricane storm systems, and can  protect up a a category 5 hurricane!

The uniqueness of DEFENDER is in the strength of the material itself. Made from a combination of interwoven Kevlar and Polyester, these screens  can withstand tremendous wind pressure and  even absorb  the impact  of  airborne objects.

The entire screen  industry is manufactured with a zipper system (known for failing) but not Magnatrack. If a zipper fails, you are looking at a service call at $25o.oo  or more Magnatrack uses free floating magnets which allows for expansion and contraction of the screen and have they have the  ability to re-fit themselves! (your service call days are over.

Everything is remote controlled, and motorized, and integrates with all your Smartphone capabilities

Awnings NH proudly carries the Magnatrack system and the other great products from Progressive Screens. Call us today. We’d love to show you the whole line!