In our effort to sell and install the most reliable and high quality awning supplies on the market, Awnings New Hampshire is proud to be associated with Somfy systems, who manufacture some of the finest precision made awnings and window treatment motors in the world. They have produced and sold over 110 million motors since 1980

When homeowners are investing in an awning installation, they will often ask us “What are the benefits of purchasing a motorized awning?” Fortunately, for them, the benefits are many:

  • You can control your awnings ability to extend and retract at the touch of a button, as opposed to manually turning a crank
  • You don’t even have to be near the awning to control it, you can actually be up to 65 feet away. Talk about convenience!. Another Somfy innovation allows you to download a smartphone or tablet app so they can be used for remote control operation as well
  • With a radio receiver integrated right into the UL listed motor, the need for any external wiring is eliminated.
  • The installation of the motor by a Somfy professional will be quick, easy, and  hassle-free.  Your retractable awning will be ready for operation in short order
  • You have the option of adding a wireless battery operated state-of-the-art wind sensor which will retract the awning automatically if the unit senses winds are getting too strong
  • These excellent  motors come with a 5 year warranty

If you’d like to learn about Somfy’s world-wide operation and quality engineered products, you can watch this video:


Somfy also makes a dimmable LED light kit which attaches to the arms of the awning, and is controlled with the same remote unit used with the awning. These LEDs  will provide both additional light and ambiance for your next evening gathering

What about if the sun starts blazing when you’re not at home?. Will your house heat up because the awning is in it’s retracted position? Nope, because another innovative product option by Somfy is a sun sensor which will extend the awning back out if the sun gets too strong. This option will pay for itself over time in energy savings because your home cooling system will not have to work as hard

Outdoor retractable awnings powered by Somfy can instantly transform your deck into a pleasant and comfortable outdoor living space at the touch of a button, as well protecting your family and home from the summer sun’s harmful UV rays.

Motorized awnings are custom solutions that must be installed by a professional. A Somfy-certified expert will help you with your selection choice and take care of your installation, so a quality result and peace of mind can be guaranteed!

Awnings NH always encourages homeowners to go with motorized retractable awnings as they are really the answer to creating the ultimate outdoor living space. Please contact Rod Ladman at (603) 455-6094 to discuss your needs and find out about whatever current special  is being offered at the time

Smart drop solar screen gives added evening protection.
Without eliminating the view

Video bellow shows protected view from inside,

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