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Is Awnings NH now Offering Outdoor Umbrellas to their clients?

Yes! In an effort to provide even more shading solutions to our current and future customers, we are excited to announce the addition of Patio and Cantilever Umbrellas from Tuuci (pronounced too-chee), a manufacturer of world-class outdoor furniture. These umbrellas are made for both residential and commercial use.

To see the full catalog of products we sell, please visit the TUCCI Website


Can you tell us more about Tuuci?
Sure. Tuuci is an American company based in Miami, FL., and for over fifteen years, they have offered some of the most unique, innovative, and stylish shade structures on the market. While they also make lounges and cabanas, we carry their line of “parasols”, which are high end patio umbrellas and cantilever umbrellas. These units are meticulously engineered with incredible durability, and have 100% replaceable parts. These umbrellas have a design and style born in the marine industry, and always turn heads. They are very impressive, and owning one is like having the ultimate shade experience.

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What is a Cantilever Umbrella?

A cantilever umbrella (sometimes referred to as an “offset cantilever umbrella”), is an umbrella where the support pole is not centered in the middle, (which is the most common configuration), but rather located off to the side of the umbrella. Because they are only anchored at one end, they require a strong structural design. Sometimes they are permanently anchored  into concrete, and sometimes they are movable and  require solid heavy base that has wheels They are a versatile option for homeowners.

What are the benefits of using a cantilever umbrella as your shading option?

There are several benefits to using this type of umbrella, among them:

  • The center pole of traditional umbrellas, which can sometimes create an obstruction of a view, is no longer an issue.
  • Because they are inherently heavier than center pole units, they stand up well against wind and rain. In a scenario  where a traditional patio umbrella might get blown around the deck. The cantilever umbrella will be staying put. Because of their weight, they can also be safe to set up on surfaces  that are somewhat uneven
  • Many Cantilever umbrella models offer extensive control of the angle of the umbrella, with rotation, tilt, and adjustment mechanisms at the ready

We have also discovered that sometimes when the install team had initially thought that a retractable awning (or Sail Shade) might be the homeowner’s best bet for use over a pool or hot tub, it turned out that a cantilever umbrella was the far better option. There are some circumstances where traditional awnings and sail shades are not as effective as the cantilever umbrella

What are the shapes and sizes of these umbrellas?

There’s a size for just about every application. The most common dimensions range from 5.5 feet up to 13 ft.in diameter, but some custom sizes go all the way up to 20 ft!. The shapes include ovals, rectangles, squares, hexagons, and octagons. There are also dozens of models to choose from, so there is tremendous variety within the Tuuci catalog.

You mentioned commercial use. I own a restaurant with an outdoor patio area. Can I get the umbrellas with my branding on them?

Absolutely, custom printed advertising, branding, and logos are all available to our commercial clients. Just let us know what you need
I’m definitely interested in seeing more. Where do we go from here?

Just call Rod Ladman at Widow Designs and Awnings NH at 603-455-6094, and make an appointment to see the whole catalog. We think you’ll be impressed!