Your Haverhill NH Home Will Benefit In Multiple Ways When You Have A Retractable Awning Installed. Sun Protection, Energy Savings, and More Curb Appeal

When you have decided that you really want a Sunesta® retractable awning for your Haverhill, NH, realize you’ve made a smart decision right out of the box!. Your home will actually be safer and more enjoyable in the futrue. The Skin Cancer Foundation has recommended these one of a kind awnings as being effective Ultra violet protectants, plus they will make relaxing on your patio or deck with friends and family,or sitting next to a window with a good book more comfortable.


The company that can help you every step of the way with these great shading solutions is Awnings New Hampshire – based in central NH, but covering the whole state because they are the ONLY authorized Sunesta® dealer both in Haverhill NH, and anyhwere else in the state.

With Awnings New Hampshire as your retractable awnings service provider, you will have access to:

  • The full line of Sunesta® motorized retractable awnings, which includes The Sunesta®, The Sunlight, The Sunstyle,  for patio and deck models  and  The Sunbrero, and The Sundrop for window and door awnings
  • Professional and expert installation by our factory-trained technicians who do exacting work
  • Warranty coverage that is Industry-leading for it’s generous timelines on both the frames and the fabric of your awnings

Any Sunesta® awning that you order will give you other wonderful benefits in addition to instant access to cool shade. You will have  an improved  aesthetic for the exterior of your home,  and better home energy efficiency, as it takes the burden off your HVAC system, and much more.

“Where would I be without those awnings? Roasting in a very hot house! They’ve been in for at least ten years and work just beautifully. I’m particularly fond of the three big awnings on the bank of nine windows overlooking Squam Lake to the southwest. Each covers three large windows and they work together. Being electrified, it only takes pushing one button to lower them all. Best of all, if a stiff breeze comes along they are not in danger…. they automatically retract!”

Dale Mayer, Center Sandwich, NH

There is a lot more you can learn about Sunesta retractable awnings, Call Rod at 603-455-6094, to make arrangements for a free andno-obligation consultation and measuring. In business for over 30 years, he can answer any question you have. Guaranteed!