sunesta sundrop awning in franklin new hampsireFranklin New Hampshire 03235, Prospect St.

This gentleman had just moved up from Florida after having purchased a lovely cottage on a hill looking south west over a Golf Course. Baking in the sun he was.

Might we be able to help him with an existing awning that was small and tired?
You bet. We removed the small, cheap Chinese piece and replaced it with a nice Sunesta Sunlight Retractable that covered his whole deck.

Afternoon beverages into the evening, oh so sweet, out on the deck with beautiful sunsets.
Sitting under the cover in a gentle summer rain could not be more special.

He was so happy he bought two Sunesta Sundrop Retractables to cover the other windows on that side of the house.
They are all motorized with Somfy Motors and protected from extreme wind by  a wind sensor that will retract them in high winds His house is now blessed with shade at the push of a button and is now much cooler on hot sunny days.

He then had us upgrade the box store mini blinds in his windows with Fine Decor Blinds by Hunter Douglas.

This Gentleman and his house in Franklin are on our list of favorites.


This brick house in Lyndeborough, NH required a special kind of retractable awning installation