The Burning Summer Sun Won’t Be An Issue Anymore When You’re Sitting Under The Cool Oasis Of Your New Sunesta Retractable Awning

For the best custom-made patio awnings and exceptional customer service, you want to turn to Awnings New Hampshire. We serve not only the greater New Castle NH area, but we are the exclusive Sunesta dealer for all of NH. We can provide you with a deck or patio awning that has been customized to your home’s exact dimensions and will perfectly reflect your aesthetic preferences. Our highly trained crew will take measurements of any outdoor space which ensures you’ll have a perfect fit. We can also assist you in selecting which of our more than 1,000+ fabric colors/pattern options will best complement your New Castle NH home’s exterior decor

At Awnings NH, we guarantee that your awning will be professionally and safely installed on your residence in short order (generally, less than a day), and Once your awning has been installed, you can look forward to benefits like these:

  • Reliable Sun Protection – All Sunesta  awnings are retractable, and by simply pushing a button or turning a crank, the job gets done. You can just relax in the sun whenever you want to, but can also have as much shade as you need on demand
  • Minimal  Maintenance – You can enjoy protection from the sun for years without  spending a lot of time maintaining your patio awning. It has a warranteed durable aluminum frame coated with a thick, powder coated finish that is easy to clean. The beautiful fabric cannot rot, fade,  or deteriorate as it is woven from  strong and long lasting acrylic which has been 100% solution-dyed
  • Real Energy Efficiency – A deck or patio  awning will cut the amount of  damaging UV rays that enter the interior of your residence, and this will keep things cooler. It  makes life  easier for your HVAC unit to maintain  comfortable temperatures. You will probably also see lower utility bills once the awning is in place.


“Where would I be without those awnings? Roasting in a very hot house! They’ve been in for at least ten years and work just beautifully. I’m particularly fond of the three big awnings on the bank of nine windows overlooking Squam Lake to the southwest. Each covers three large windows and they work together. Being electrified, it only takes pushing one button to lower them all. Best of all, if a stiff breeze comes along they are not in danger…. they automatically retract!”

Dale Mayer, Center Sandwich, NH