Discover The Multiple Benefits You’ll Enjoy After Installing A Retractable Awning On Your Rumney, NH, Home

Awnings New Hampshire, A retractable awning installation contractor for the greater Rumney, NH area, would love to show  you how having a Sunesta Awning installed on your patio or deck can greatly enhance your outdoor living, and save you money

Large retractable awning installed on a Rumney. NH home

Sunesta awnings provide both great sun protection and curb appeal

Here are just a few of the benefits of owning a high quality retractable awning:

  • You can block the sun, yet keep your view
    Sunesta’s  designs are strong and streamlined, which eliminates the need for support poles.  Our awnings block only the sun (or light rain), but do not interfere with your view. Maximize your usable shaded outdoor living space and view with the addition of a Sunesta Retractable Awning on your home.
  • You can beautify your home
    Just as your home is one of a kind, your awning should be one of a kind as well,  and  that is why Sunesta offers  total customization of  the awning you order from us. We focus on the unique needs and style of each homeowner to produce the perfect product for their situation. Sunesta Retractable Awnings not only add space and beauty and to your home, but they also increase equity , because outdoor space that is covered increases both the home’s intrinsic value and living area
  • You can Expand your outdoor living space – Easily!
    When you have no protection from the hot sun, you can’t really enjoy your outdoor living area as much. Sunesta Retractable Awnings allows expansion of your home’s livable area, which is just like adding a customized outdoor room to your home
  • You can control room brightness
    The convenience of  having a motorized  awning. as opposed to a permanently fixed  awning over a patio or deck, is being able to retract them during  cloudy days or the darker times of the day, which brightens the interior of your home in a natural way
  • You can protect your indoor furnishings
    The damaging UV rays of strong sunlight can severely fade furniture, carpet, drapes and flooring. You can prolong the life of these valuable interior furnishings with a Sunesta retractable awning.
  • You will save on utility costs
    Sunesta Awnings can help lower energy costs all year-round. On hot and bright days, you can extend your awning to block the sun so the UV rays never enter your home . This will keep your interior cooler and reduce the need for energy hungry appliances like air conditioning costs up to 25%. On days where the cold is an issue you can retract the awning, which will allow the sun to naturally heat your home. In snowy climates, You can simply keep your Sunesta Awning retracted, which eliminates the expense of seasonal removal and reinstallation which is often mandatory for permanently fixed awnings.

There is much more to know about these beautiful products. Call Awnings NH today, and let’s arrange a consultation to discuss more benefits of installing a Sunesta Awning on your Rumney, NH home!