This summer, stand your ground against the blazing sun!. Retractable awnings on your Auburn NH home can instantly provide glorious shade, protect your skin and furnishings, and add lots of curb appeal!

If you are in the market for retractable awnings for your Auburn, NH home, awnings that will protect you and your loved ones from harmful UV radiation, Contact Awnings New Hampshire today. We have been in the awnings business for 31 years and have awning installation down to a science, The Skin Cancer Foundation began recommending Sunesta® awnings after their rigorous testing found that they effectively protect against UV radiation. If you have motorized awnings and want to enjoy some sunshine, you can retract your awnings instantly with the push of a button, or if you opt for manual operation, you can quickly extend or retract your awning with a simple crank.

The benefits that Sunesta® retractable awnings provide include:

  • Upkeep That Is Virtually Hassle Free – Every custom awning that you order is engineered with a  powder coated aluminum frame and  acrylic  fabric that  is rot and fade resistant, These 2 factors alone ensure that the unit will require little to no regular maintenance.
  • More  Energy Efficiency – Our awnings can absorb and deflect solar heat, which will help keep your home’s interior temperature stable. As a result of the shade your awning provides, your cooling system will  experience less use as a result, which has the potential to  reduce your hot weather utility costs.
  • Elegant Home Accents – With a nice choice of frame colors and more than 150 fabric styles and colors to choose from, your options for customizing your awnings to match your home’s decor is wide open

To get more information about  the Sunesta® retractable awnings line that  we carry for homeowners in and around Auburn (and all of Rockingham county, call Awnings New Hampshire at (603) 937-4997.

“I wanted to thank you for the great job you did with our awning. We were initially worried that it could not be done in the space we wanted it. However, with your experience and professionalism you were quickly able to come up with a plan!You also explained all of our options, provided guidance on fabric selections,motors and everything else that went with it. The team that installed it with you were nice to work with and very capable as well. Stephen and I are very pleased and will recommend you highly!! Thank you again.”

Michelle & Stephen Carter, Greenland, NH