Top-of-the-line Sunesta Retractable Awnings and Effingham, NH, Homeowners- – a match made in shade heaven!

Retractable awnings are really the only sensible way for Effingham, New Hampshire, residents to get much more use out of their outdoor living areas. When you think about making plans to entertain on your deck, but know that the hot sun and glare will probably drive you back inside the house,  It gets frustrating. Mother nature will have her way, but you can level the playing field a lot  by having a retractable motorized awning installed on your home

awning install in effingham nh

Outdoor living in style

At Awnings NH, we are proud to be the exclusive dealer of Sunesta products, not only in the Effingham, NH area, but in the whole state. Sunesta is renowned for making durable retractable awnings that are beautiful, functional, and virtually maintenance free. A leader in the industry, Sunesta products are American-made and high quality and made to last.

Sunesta awnings feature, among other things:

  • Powder-coated aluminum frames with a finish that is 4x to 8x thicker than paint. This durable coating protects against nicks, scratches, scuffs, and corrosion
  • Super strong Stainless steel mounting hardware that makes for a secure and solid install. As a result, these awnings mounted onto exterior walls are strong enough to withstand winds of up to 45 mph when in the extended position, and up to 150 mph when in the retracted position
  • More than 150 different fabric colors and patterns, (with some models offering 180 choices) Ask us about custom colors that will match your home exactly so you’ll be able to choose the perfect look that complements your Effingham, NH home’s exterior
  • A plethora of accessories including drop valances to protect against sun from the side, Rain, wind, and sun sensors, for automatic extension or retraction depending on weather conditions, multiple choices for remote control operation (even using a smartphone app)

Awnings New Hampshire has been  the go-to company for hundreds of our  past customers who appreciate our expertise, experience, and attention-to detail. We have been serving homeowners in the Effingham, NH region since 1989. Schedule a no-obligation consultation today to learn more about Sunesta retractable awnings and our quick turnaround time from order to installation. Thank you for your consideration. We make awnings fun!