morrisons lobster canopy

11 Badgers Island West, Kittery, Maine

The owner of Morrison’s Lobster Shack in Maine asked if we could erect Sail Shades over their pier.

Sails presented multiple problems. There were no easy ways to hang them, and even if we could, they would be extremely vulnerable to the frequent winds that come up the river.

We settled on a Sunplus awning by Sunesta covering the whole width of the pier and extending 23 feet while being fully retractable.

Shade and shelter from rain where you want it, when you want it, at the push of a button. At closing time or at the end of the season… push the button, lock the door, and go home.

These Sunplus units can be ganged together to cover spaces even a hundred feet wide in up to 16 foot sections.

There are now many shaded seats under the canopy on hot sunny days.

What could be better than sitting on the waterfront chowing down on seafood in the shade, watching the boats on the Portsmouth/Kittery waterfront?

If you’d like more information on Morrison’s Lobster shack, please click here

Colorful Awning over Portsmouth Harbor, Kittery Maine

Enjoy drawn butter, Fresh Lobster & ocean views under the comfortable shade of the sunesta sunplus we installed over a Portsmouth Harbor

Enjoying a lobster picnic under one great retractable awningMOrrisons lobter restaurant with huge awning

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