Main Street, Plymouth, NH 03264

The Main Street Station in Plymouth, New Hampshire , built in 1945, is a classic style diner located in Plymouth, and offers daily specials, a variety of dishes with friendly home-town service & staff .

This diner is worth traveling to New Hampshire for, and while you’re here you could check out the White Mountains.

This Diner historically had fixed pipe and canvas awnings that protected diners from the brutally hot and bright sun.

We were approached by the new owner in 2014 to replace these awnings as they were very worn and tired. She wanted Black fabric to match the roof and signage on the Valances.  We contracted Beth Euiler of Omni Signs Meredith NH 03253 to apply the logos, the finish product was extremely sharp.

I suggested Sunlight retractable Lateral Arm Awnings nestled in under the eaves with radio frequency motors for easy operation.

Installation of the awnings proved to be tricky as the stainless steel wrapped dinner had little for us to mount to. Imagine using a stud finder on a stainless steel structure. Lol.

We are proud of our past experience and  combined knowledge. Through custom blocking, timber locks, and sleeve anchors success was achieved.

As always, our expert installation team took on the challenge and found a safe and secure resolution.

The new awnings gave her everything she wanted and more.

We are proud to have delivered the same kind of quality service that the Main Street Station has served their diners since 1945.

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