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Tuftonboro Sunstyle

We at Awnings New Hampshire are blessed with many opportunities to help people find shade solutions. Some folks must avoid being in the sun for health reasons but wish to be outside.In these days of diminished ozone layer and global warming we are all more vulnerable to harsh UV.
One couple wished to create an area on their large deck for their very fair young grandchildren to play in.

Many wish to turn their hot uninhabitable decks into outdoor living spaces. Here in New Hampshire we have a special appreciation for warm weather and any opportunity to be outside. Some people spend as much time as possible outside on the deck, rain or shine, with meal, beverages and family, friends and neighbors (even standing under their awning while barbecuing). If it rains, no problem. It so peaceful and sweet to be under the shelter of an awning while it’s raining.

Others need the awnings to cool their houses and cut down on the glare.

From high up on a hill in Tuftonboro, overlooking Moultonborough and Wolfeboro in late winter, a lady called. She wished to beat the spring rush and get her order in for an early spring installation.

I measured her space and determined that two of our models would work nicely.

The Sunlight Awning could be the full width of the deck, extend out 10 feet, and be motorized for easy use and a moderate price. The Sunstyle could be all of that and extend out an additional foot and a half placing the drip line of the valance beyond the edge of the deck in the lawn.

She asked what the differences were between the models?

I explained that if awnings were cars…Our models, the Sunlight, Sunstyle, and Sunesta, would be like Chevy, Buick, and Cadillac. All American with some differences in price,  weight, and style. Brand X that is commonly advertised on TV  would be Yugo.

They are all decent cars but our are American made and the Larger models are Stronger, Bigger and more rugged, with more options, hundreds of colors to choose from and unbelievable warranties.

She decided to take the Buick. What the heck?, it was her money and she would enjoy spending it on such a fine product.

Her “Buick”, a 15 foot wide Sunstyle with a  11’-6” projection covers the deck next to bird feeders and flowerbeds. By mounting it under a soffit we were able to forgo the need and expense of a protective hood.

For some, such as this avid gardener, a cool shady spot to relax, a quiet private oasis close to the flowers and the birds, maybe with a nice book and a beverage would do. Oh and what a nice place to tend to potted plants.

As it turned out, this awning is truly a 4 season awning that creates a great cozy space even in winter dampening the bright snowy glare.

“Where would I be without those awnings? Roasting in a very hot house! They’ve been in for at least ten years and work just beautifully. I’m particularly fond of the three big awnings on the bank of nine windows overlooking Squam Lake to the southwest. Each covers three large windows and they work together. Being electrified, it only takes pushing one button to lower them all. Best of all, if a stiff breeze comes along they are not in danger…. they automatically retract!”

Dale Mayer, Center Sandwich, NH


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