Having a Sunesta Motorized Retractable Awning installed On Your Loudon, NH home will have many Great Benefits

Stinson Lake Sunlight by sunesta awnings

Nestled in tight to fit the soffit perfectly

Besides looking great and being available in a world of colors that can match your home’s decor, installing a retractable awning will have added benefits

  • You will use your deck or patio much more often that you do now. Boiling in the hot sun is definitely not a homeowners favorite pastime, and with the push of a button, your new awning will expand and protect everything under. You’ll get out there more to enjoy the new living space.
  • We all know the dangers of sitting or lying for hours each day in the sun. Constant exposure can result in serious skin damage, sagging skin, prematurely aged skin, and even skin cancer. You can protect yourself with your remote control option, and suddenly you’re in safe shade
  • The value of a home is increased with the addition of  a  retractable awning – Sunesta high quality products are available in a whole palette of  color choices- solid colors and stripes galore- so you can really find a complimentary scheme to enhance the home’s beauty
  • There are no support poles with a retractable awning, so nothing will block your view which sometimes happens in a canopy configuration- if you’re on the lake or ocean, and you expand your retractable awning, your view will remain the same even though the awning is out.

Awnings New Hampshire, based in the Central NH area, will be your one stop shopping for your awning.  Available in both motorized or manual configurations, We will sell, install, and service your retractable awning, and promise you a 100% guarantee on your satisfaction throughout the whole process

Did we mention the great warranties that come with Sunesta awnings.?

Buy a product for your Loudon, NH home that is built to last, look great, and serve the homeowner flawlessly for many years to come. We love to make people happy, and you’ll love your new awning…

Sounds like a win-win situation to us!