great awning in meredith nhPinnacle Park Road, Meredith NH

This gentleman originally called us to supply him with some window shades. He was anxious to have them be energy efficient and motorized. He could be described as somewhat eccentric with a flair for quality and a lover of toys.

We installed state of the art Hunter Douglas Architella Duettes Top/Down, Bottom/up radio frequency PowerView motorized blinds. So many cool options for programming.
Favorite settings, times, moods or themes great for all you techies
But that is not what this picture is about.

This cottage is all tricked out for comfortable outside living with a sweet seat deck looking over over Winnipesaukee.

Wall to wall over the whole deck, this awning is a Sunesta Sunstyle with eleven foot eight inch projection all the way out over the rail, and has a cassette for 360 degree total protection of the fabric .

A simple hand crank provides a manual override option for retracting in the event that he should lose power when the Awning is out.

A wind sensor is attached to the fall bar that retracts the awning automatically in the event of high wind. Sensors sensitivity is adjustable and we generally set them to retract the awning at 18 to 20 mile an hour winds. Most folks find winds in excess of that to be somewhat unpleasant and enough to destroy shade umbrellas.

This model should always be retracted in winds of 45 miles per hour or greater.

We love this guy…he keeps calling us back. This spring we will be hanging a large sail shade over a new swimming pool he has had built.
Click here to see Shade Sail progress Shade Sails

Custom shape And color choice

Custom Shape and color

How great to take it all in under the comfort of a Sunesta Sunstyle Retractable Awning. Click to view. Sanbornton NH