When the summer sun is blazing down on your Jackson, NH home, you’ll appreciate the instant shade and 15 degree drop in temperature provided by a Sunesta motorized retractable awning!

Sunesta’s motorized retractable awnings are ideal for homeowners who are looking for the best technologies out there in outdoor made in the usacomfort. That is because they extend easily and retract with the simple push of a button. This affords you complete control over the amount of shade you need. In addition to convenient motorization, there are a variety of other automatic features that are also available that complement your Sunesta Awning. For example, Sunesta offers a sun sensor that automatically extends your awning when it’s sunny, and protective wind sensors that retract your awning when it has gotten too windy.

Some of the other great features that savvy homeowners can choose to add to their retractable awnings include:

  • Remote controlled operation via Sunesta’s remote unit or even your cellphone
  • Protective awning casings that help prevent damage from ice and snow, as well as the thick buildup of leaves
  • Options on tilting angles for added adjustability
  • Dropdown valances that offer additional sun protection from all angles

30 years in the awnings businessMaybe the biggest benefit of Sunesta’s automatic awnings is that they are completely made to order. We are different from most of our competitors, because we  don’t stock our awnings on a shelf.  Each and every awning is custom made to fit our customers deck and patio sizes to the inch. Many other companies give you “stock sizes”  that may be just a little too big or small, but will have to do  (Oh well)…

We believe in honoring each client’s unique shading needs. Our manufacturing facility is located here in  Florida, so these products are American-made and that  allows us to maintain our stringent quality control measures. We also offer quick turnaround times – our custom awnings are typically shipped back to you just 5 days after we receive an order!.

For more information about the motorized, retractable  awnings that we offer to homeowners, call Awnings NH today. We will be glad to help you develop the perfect  shade solution that will be custom tailored to the needs of your home.