Sunesta’s Durable Retractable Solar Screens Will Create A Shaded And Private Retreat At Your Home In Holderness, NH. A Virtual Oasis In Your Own Backyard!

Retractable solar screens are an easy investment that will increase the enjoyment of your outside space. Once fitted, you will have instant control over the amount of sunlight and privacy that your space is allowing while enjoying the outdoors.

Sunesta sunroll retractable screen

At Sunesta, they manufacture two exclusive retractable screens that are designed to increase your enjoyment of the outdoors – the Sentry™ and the Sunroll™. With a Sentry™ solar screen installed in your backyard space, you will be able to block out UV rays, control the brightness of your patio or deck, and even keep pesky bugs away. As an alternative, the Sunroll™ focuses in providing more privacy for your backyard space.

When you turn to Sunesta for solar screen shades for your Holderness, NH home, you will be able to choose from a variety of mounting styles to find a perfect option for your home. They offer four exclusive methods of mounting including a surface mount, inside mount, distance mount, and recessed mount. Each of these provide their own unique benefits, and a Sunesta dealer will work closely with you to choose which option will work best for your home.

Custom Sizes and Features

The retractable solar screens offered by Sunesta are created to fit any enclosure so that they are a perfect answer for each homeowner. In fact, our solar screens can fit in spaces as large as 26 feet in width with a 16 foot drop! Additionally, by turning to the specialists at Sunesta, you will be able to benefit from our unique state-of-the-art technologies, including:

  • SmartControl™ wireless remote controls
  • A continuous zipper loop that won’t catch thanks to our unique SmartZipper feature
  • A weatherproof SmartSeal™ brush that will make a perfect seal along the side of your home to block out any moisture damage and more.

To learn more about how the Sentry™ and Sunroll™ patio solar screens can be installed on your Holderness NH residence, contact Awnings NH, the exclusive Sunesta dealer for the whole state of New Hampshire at 603-455-6094