Retractable Screens Will Increase The Energy Efficiency Of Your Residence In The Wakefield, NH, Area, And Awnings NH, With Over 30 Years In The Shade Business,  Are Ready To Go To Work For You!

Retractable screens provide a number of benefits for homeowners in Wakefield, NH and it’s neighboring New Hampshire towns. This includes the ability to considerably increase the use of pool decks and patios by shielding them from a blinding sun and keeping out annoying insects like mosquitoes. The advantages from investing in a Sunesta retractable screen for your residence doesn’t end there. Were you aware that the United States Department of Energy categorizes these types of screens among the saavy ways that homeowners can significantly reduce heat gain in their interior areas during those hot summer months?

The simple pushing of a button or the turning of a handle will get your retractable screens lowered immediately. This will shield your windows and porch areas and considerably reduce the amount of radiant heat from the sun. Radiant heat is what permeates your home and winds up triggering the HVAC unit to turn on. If you live in Wakefield, NH area where the summer sun can sometimes be brutal, a retractable screen system can make a significant reduction in energy costs because it creates less demand on your cooling system. This alone can lead to lower energy bills in the future for you.

Sunesta makes your retractable screens an even greater value when you list these additional features:

  • Durable synthetic fabric that is water-resistant and will not fade, rot, or encourage mildew You’ll be enjoying your screens for many years to come
  • A wide selection of colors to choose from. You can completely customize your shades to so that they complement the look of your home
  • A choice on how tight you want the weave of the fabric to be. Opacity. This depends on your preference in having a view of the outdoors even when the  screen is down,,,or preferring privacy and maximum protection from the elements.
  • Your custom manufactured retractable screens that are available from Sunesta come with some of the best warranties in the industry! You can rest assured that your investment is fully protected.

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