Warren NH Homeowners Will Beat The Heat Every Summer With The Installation Of New Sunesta Retractable Awnings On Their Deck Or Patio, And That’s C…O…O…L!

When you have Sunesta® retractable awnings installed at your Warren, NH home, any day can be the perfect day to entertain friends and family, relax outside and enjoy a good book, have a cook-out, or just soak up the gorgeous views of the New Hampshire countryside!.

 anextended retractable awning in Warren NH

Sunesta® awnings are available in several models, widths, and projections. These outstanding awnings will provide the perfect amount of shade for your deck, patio,  or porch. Here at Awnings NH, we have 30 years of expert installation, and the only dealer authorized to sell these premium shading products in the state of New Hampshire.

The many benefits of Sunesta retractable awnings can provide for homeowners in Warren NH, include:

  • Metal patio furniture stays cool enough to sit on even when you are  barelegged
  • Blinding glare is eliminated and the temperature under the awning drops  by 15 made in the usadegrees or more
  •  Fabric furniture gets protected from UV rays which can be prone to washing out in the sun, and even the decking material itself is spared from the damaging effects of ultraviolet light
  • The Energy efficiency of the home is improved by reducing the solar heat gain through external walls
  • Adding a visual element that is appealing to home exteriors that increases their curb appeal

On top of all that, Sunesta® retractable awnings have lifetime warranties on the frames and 10 year warranties on the fabric.You’ll have the added confidence of knowing that your investment is fully protected. Contact Awnings NH today to make an in-home appointment and learn more about the fabulous Sunesta® awnings we can install at your Warren, NH, home.